Can we know the meaning of life and live happily without suffering? Beyond Belief is an account of how the author, a behavioural scientist and health practitioner, transformed his reality from a life of hell to one hell of a life.

Dr Warren Stanton has made his living exploring the abilities and potential of the human mind, including how we abuse our minds rather than making good use of them. His research and years of experience have led him to one conclusion―we have a choice to live either pleasant or unpleasant lives.

Dr Stanton invites you inside his research, including his all-important radical insight into how to create a more satisfying life for yourself. He also shares how he found the way to get a meaningful answer to any question about life.

Dr Stanton describes how we are the architects of our own suffering. We all have the ability to create lives filled with joy and devoid of suffering. To some, this may seem like an impossible dream, but to Dr Stanton it’s well within our abilities to experience. If you’ve suffered enough, isn’t it time to know a happier life?

What if you could find a solution today? What if you could finally have the answers you need? Within the pages of Beyond Belief, you will find a description of how to end your suffering and live without fear. The power you have over your life is truly beyond belief!

Dr Warren Stanton’s background in behavioural-science research, his years of counselling practice and his own personal, academic and spiritual explorations inspired him to write Beyond Belief: Living a Fearless Life (320 pages).

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  1. Gail says:

    Beyond Belief!
    It’s an excellent read for those wanting to live from their authentic nature, and not from concepts and beliefs. It’s simple not simplistic, down to earth and practical. Takes the mystery out of the mystique of ‘awakening’!

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