Self Development

Stanton Technique for Energy, Power and Success (STEPS)

What can STEPS do for you?

Whether you are looking to increase the capacity, achievements and skills of your workforce or individually, STEPS is designed to facilitate your ability to work intuitively from a sense of knowing.

A key goal of STEPS is to minimise stress and anxiety, while facilitating the ability to live, work and communicate with a sense of humour, vitality and harmony. This can mean a reduction in lost work days and an increase in morale and enjoyment at work.

The STEPS program is designed to make the workplace culture dynamic,  where people are self-motivated, solution orientated and performance is self-regulated.

Warren will discuss your needs with the workshop tailored to suit the organisation or individual.

By attending the STEPS program you will be able to:

  • Recognise your potential and the power of your mind
  • Experience increased inspiration and insight
  • Be empowered and ‘in charge’ without being a threat to others
  • Have the skills to change ‘scripts’ and negative belief structures that cause disharmony, discontent and a loss of productivity.
  • Manage and direct your duties with more competence and effectiveness
  • Perform to your highest capabilities.

“To live in energy, power and success there is one main step to take. That step is to experience what is beyond your beliefs, to experience your sense of self that is independent of thoughts and beliefs. Many people believe it to be a big step to take, but like many beliefs, the experience does not confirm this. It is easily done, is safe and the rewards are immediate”. Warren Stanton



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