‘This training has made me consciously aware of my limits which makes them easier to overcome. It has also enabled me to understand more about myself as a human being and an athlete. As an Olympic athlete I now truly believe the sky is the limit and it is now a matter of breaking through the obstacles in my path. The program assists in this process of always moving forward until you reach your goals.’ Natalie Cook –Olympic Gold Medallist.

‘As a small non government organization there is a critical issue in having effective responses to crisis, as like others in the human services sector, we are dealing with under-resourcing for ourselves and our clients. STEPS has enabled my staff to deal effectively with these sources of day to day stress.

STEPS is based on the understanding that each and every person has a sense of ‘knowing’. This ‘knowing’ is a uniquely human instinct that we have been taught to over-ride in our daily living, with unfortunate consequences.

This program goes beyond the myriad of courses that teach us to just change the way we act or feel in the moment in order to deal with something in our lives – but most of the time never lasts. It showed us how to function on a day to day basis dealing with life’s challenges, without losing one’s sense of empowerment, energy and good humour. It is simple and can have immediate lasting effects for those who are willing to listen and try it.

It is a way to live our life, dealing with day to day events within a powerful state of well-being, no matter what is happening in our outside environment …… at home, the workplace. By the end of the program staff could recognize how to use their instincts to minimize their own stress and to respond to others in a way that could assist in alleviating their stress.

A practical example for me was coming to understand what is meant by the saying, that what you do and how you feel toward other people is most likely what you will receive from them. By projecting a sense of goodwill you find that others respond in kind. You know it is working when your interaction with others changes.

Warren Stanton has the insight of a seer and speaks with a common sense that ‘rings true’ to your knowing. He does something that cannot be explained until you experience it in yourself – even then it may defy your explanation.’ parent@parent2parentqld.org.au

“Dr. Warren Stanton’s effort and many years of experience has brought natural therapies to a new and previously unseen level.  His work is especially beneficial for people who are already goal oriented but realize that no goal matters unless the journey is enjoyed. I highly recommend him to everyone who is committed to change in life.”

‘Warren has a wealth of experience in identifying sources of wellbeing and addressing people’s issues. His professional manner makes me know instantly I am in the best hands. He is continuously fine tuning his service, moving away from the generic structure and personalizing it to the individual.’ Jost Sauer, Author, Lecturer

‘The program has given me a sense of independence. Warren has taught me to let go of my defences when interacting with the environment, making me a stronger and more authentic person. With Warren every issue that arises is seen as a stepping stone towards a more comprehensive sense of wellbeing.’ Dietrich Lasa, Director, Animato Violins

‘Warren has taught me to look at the world like a child again – whatever happens, happens. I am able to laugh in traffic jams, my stress levels have been reduced 1 million percent and most of all I have more acceptance of other people and situations.’ James Clark, Jones Lang Lasalle Real Estate

‘I have found a pathway to positivity and pleasure in my life while still taking into account the daily realities and stresses thrown at me. I have become far more balanced. My attitude is entirely different, I am able to take advantage of every situation and am more open to moving forward rather than dwelling on the negatives.’ Jay Younger, Lecturer, Griffith University

‘Warren has an exceptional understanding of thought patterns. He knows when a thought pattern is healthy or unhealthy and has guided me to focus on the healthy ones. I feel a sense of freedom, breaking the shackles of old thought and behavioural patterns and bring my self into balance.’ Chris Boucher, Parent

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